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Project management center

Project management
The turnkey project and one-stop service model ensure our customers to make the best of the complete resource and ability supplied by Caosen to enjoy excellent, efficient and all-round professional service, and at the same time to ensure accurate, smooth and timely communication and information. 

Process management
As a producer and supplier of retail consumption, Caosen not only offers customized, all-round solutions for shop display that will draw the attention of their target client base, but also show full consideration to the customers, assume the responsibility of the customers and help relieve their pressure.        

Caosen’s project manager who offers full-time service to clients leads a full-time service team including engineers and talents engaging in quality control, logistics warehousing, budgeting, purchasing and so on. The control of client project includes field measurement, warehousing, installation, necessary report, and other aspects.          

Optimized design
Caosen devotes to the optimization of product design and production process to bring down cost for customers.  
Caosen realizes value engineering through project integration, such as design, drawing design, project transformation design, trial production and each production step.
These active behaviors have been very successful, and are fully embodied in the routine project processes of Caosen.
More importantly, all our engineers of various posts are committed to integrating optimized design into every aspect of customer projects.